The Traits a Great Auto Mechanic Should Have

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As an auto mechanic, it’s important that you develop great relationships with customers. If a customer like your service, they will continue to come to you for all of their mechanic needs, and will most likely refer friends and family to you. In order to become a great auto mechanic, you need to have a certain set of skills. So, here are a few traits that a great auto mechanic should have.

1.) Strong work ethic

Great auto mechanics need to have an overall strong work ethic. That means they need to be willing to get on their hands and knees to explore and fix problems. Great auto mechanics need to be able to face any problem head on, and not complain about the difficulty of a repair or how busy they are.

2.) Phenomenal customer service skills

While being a great mechanic has a lot to do with the knowledge and skill set you have to repair an automobile, you must also have a phenomenal set of customer service skills. You need to be able to form a great relationship with your customers. This means that you’re able to negotiate with them, as well as explain everything in detail to them. After all, automobiles are expensive to maintain and repair, so it’s important for customers to feel at ease and trust their mechanic.

3.) Technical knowledge

Technology is continuously evolving within automobiles and the tools that are used to repair them. A great mechanic needs to be able to understand current technology, and be able to quickly learn about new technology. The ability to use and work with updated technology in an efficient manner is what sets aside the good mechanics from the great mechanics.

4.) Efficient diagnostic skills

This is one of the most important traits a great mechanic needs to have. When people bring their cars to an auto shop, they want the problem to be quickly identified and fixed. After all, their vehicle is important to them because it gets them to work, school, and other places that they need to go. Thus, you need to be able to use the proper diagnostic tools to quickly and efficiently figure out what needs to be done to repair the car.

5.) Fantastic problem-solving skills

While the easiest customers an auto mechanic has are people who know what needs to be repaired before they take their car to the shop, those customers are rare. The typical customer will have no idea what needs to be done to their car, and will most likely not understand mechanic terms. This is when you have to quickly identify what’s wrong with the car and how it can be solved. Once you have come up with the solution, it’s your job to explain to the customer how you’re going to repair their vehicle and how much it will cost. When you’re explaining everything to a customer, it’s important to be patient, honest, and have reliable information to support the solution.

6.) Experience

There comes a point where being a great mechanic means you have a lot of experience. The best way that you can learn and expand your mechanic abilities is by working on various automobiles. The reason why most great mechanics are older is because they have spent years getting their hands dirty and experimenting with various cars and problems. Also, mechanics who have years of experience tend to be more confident, which keeps them motivated when working on a difficult repair.

7.) Have a strong educational background

As an auto mechanic, you will continuously work on different cars. It’s important that you have a variety of knowledge about various cars and problems that occur in cars. You need to know the ins and outs of a majority of automobiles because you are expected to repair any type of car that is brought to your shop.

8.) Be resourceful

Since auto mechanics work on a variety of cars with various issues, they need to be resourceful. Sometimes you may need to seek out information on how you can fix a certain automobile problem. In these situations, you need to use your resources and contact other mechanics. If other mechanics don’t have solutions to the problem, you may need to use your resourcefulness and begin taking the car apart.

The Quiet Air Compressors I Recommend

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Although air compressors are extremely useful for various hobbies and professions, a good quality air compressor is usually very loud. The obnoxious noise that comes from most air compressors can be distracting and aggravating. Instead of purchasing an air compressor that emits an obnoxious noise, choose one that is a bit quieter. Since finding a good air compressor that is quiet can be difficult, here is a short list of the quiet air compressors I recommend.

1.) California Air Tools CAT-1610A

If you’re familiar with air compressors and other mechanical devices, then you have most likely heard of California Air Tools. California Air Tools is one of the leading air compressor manufacturers, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of their air compressors has made it on this list. Priced at $242, the California Air Tools CAT-1610A emits only 60 decibels, which makes it one of the quietest air compressors on the market. Between the pump that is oil-free and the rust-resistant tank that can hold up to 1.6 gallons, this air compressor is extremely easy and cheap to maintain. This air compressor is also extremely light (it weighs 35 pounds), so it can easily be stored and transported.

2.) Senco PC1010

The Senco PC1010 is one of the cheapest air compressors on the market, as it only costs $109. This air compressor emits sound that is quieter than an average conversation, so you won’t have to worry about the Senco PC1010 being loud and distracting. The Senco PC1010 has a maximum pressure of 125 psi and a .5 running horsepower rate. Between the low pressure, horsepower rate, and minimal air capacity (it can hold up to one gallon), this is a very energy efficient air compressor. One of the best features of this air compressor is that it weighs only 20 pounds, so it is very easy to carry around from place to place.

3.) California Air Tools 2010A

The California Air Tools 2010A air compressor is perfect for the person who wants to own one of the renowned California Air Tools air compressors, but wants to save a little bit of money. Priced at $150, the California Air Tools 2010A is almost $100 cheaper than the California Air Tools CAT-1610A air compressor, but it is still built with advanced technology. This air compressor only produces 60 decibels, and has a peak horsepower of 2 and a running horsepower of 1, which is around the average amount of horsepower for an advanced air compressor. This quiet air compressor has a life cycle of approximately 3000 hours, which is extremely comparable to the average life cycle of 500 hours for an average air compressor. Finally, the California Air Tools 2010A only weighs 35 pounds, so you can store it virtually anywhere.

4.) Viair 88P

One of the most popular quiet air compressors on the market is the Viair 88P. Priced at $58, the Viair 88P is argumentatively one of the cheapest air compressors available. Although this air compressor is so cheap, various websites such as have labeled this air compressor as one of the most advanced and best quality air compressors that money can buy. Like most of the popular quiet air compressors, the Viair 88P produces a sound that is quieter than a conversation between people. The Viair 88P also has other features such as; a LED light that can be used for work, an easy-to-use control panel, a 12 foot air hose, and a maximum working pressure of 120 PSI. Also, this air compressor weighs just shy of 5 pounds, thus it is the perfect portable air compressor. To learn more about, and the Viair 88P, read this.

5.) Dewalt DWFP55130

The last quiet air compressor on my list is the Dewalt DWFP55130. This air compressor costs $210, and produces a sound of 71.5 decibels. Thus, it is a little bit louder than a typical conversation. The Dewalt DWFP55130 has a maximum operating pressure of 200 PSI and has a tank that can withhold 2.5 gallons. Other features of the Dewalt DWFP55130 include; a thin built of 12.5 inches, a weight of 36 pounds, and an oil free pump. Thus, the Dewalt DWFP55130 is one of the most advanced, yet quiet, air compressors available. If you’re interested in learning more about some of the best quiet air compressors on the market head over to

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